Picture Gallery

The dream! 

 Equipment arrives to

 start excavation !

 May 3


 Smashing rock.


Tack's hoe ramed rock for three days! 

May 30 finally first load of concrete,and a sunny day! 

 June 8 7:00 A.M got pump.

1:00 got two bin pads! 

June 29 one up, and one started. 

A view from the top of bin two July 7. 

And the scale house is comming along. 

The scale is in. 

Well we didn't get all done for harvest, but half is better than none! Oct.20 

The site Feb. 14, 2011. 

 Playing in the mud.


             Almost done. 

 Then brought in 1000 tonnes of stone to get us on the level.

Scale and scale house footings. 

Got men. 

June 18 finally started bins. 

July 8 two bins done. 

July 15 three done !

Aug. 4 a view from the porch. Six up! 

Aug. 18 bins almost done, and dryer started. 

All done! August 2012, ready for fall harvest. 


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