It has been brought to my attention that people don't know what we have been doing in the community since we opened up the Elevator.  So I thought that I would fill you in on what we have been up to. 

In fall of 2012 we were able to make a donation to the Rideau High School which is located at the end of Summers Road here in Elgin.  The donation was put in place  for a specialized reading program designed for children that have trouble learning how to read.  As many of you know, this program is near and dear to our hearts since our son John is dyslexic.  The program was such a success that we did another donation for grades 7 & 8, in 2013.  It has now gone on to be board wide for the Upper Canada  District School Board.   

Also, I am a Trustee on our Church board and a Board member/Treasurer for our Rideau Lakes Library Board.  

Graduation for grade 12 was held on June 27, I handed out a bursary from Cairnbrae Elevator to Scott Ferguson.

We feel that supporting our community is extremely important.  We are very pleased to be able to give back to the community who has made us feel so welcome here for 22 years.  All the best to you and yours, Pam and Jim Cairncross  
Combine is all washed and ready for Elgin Days Parade!  Saturday July 13, @ 2:00




Candies all bought and ready to hand out.  Hope we have enough!  
Special Thank you to Jason Ferguson and his family for participating in the Elgin Days parade!  
Sarah and Mark Hoogendyk put in a float representing the Leeds County Dairy producers, they won 1rst prize!  
Jim is driving and Bill Wills is in the "Buddy"seat.  He was doing all the waving!  
Our neighbours Marg and Dick Christy put in "Fergie" that was Dick's grandfathers.  Anne and I are coming right behind them throwing out candies! 

Joe Gordon also was able to make time to be in the parade as well.  Very much appreciated! 
I was able to sit up front with the horse and wagon.  Very fun!  

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