Stuff is starting to arrive!  Construction to be starting in May!   

 We are pleased to report that we have received our permit from the township!  We are hoping that the construction process will be well under way in June. 

It's starting! June 27!   Keep up the good work Robbie!           July 6, pads are all poured!  Yay!

Bin work is in progress, the legs are ready, now a crane comes in to set the hopper bin on the legs.  Should be a sight to see!  Crane arrives August 4, pictures will be available as soon as possible! 
!Bin #2 is starting!  Look at them go now!
Here is a small video of the big hopper being moved on August 5.  Just click on the play button.  Enjoy!
Crane arrived Thursday, August 4, nothing happened.  Will try again on Friday. 
Down spouts and leg all in place, its getting closer! 
Crane putting down spouts in place. 
Approaches being made for third line, we are getting closer to being finished! 
Terry French, smoothing out the approaches. 

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